Ideas for tech startups

By Andy Higgins | January 13, 2018

It is no doubt best for you to come up with your own idea that you are passionate about however it is also possible to be successful with some one else’s idea. Most ideas are derivatives of some one else’s idea and most of the time, if successful, you don’t end up doing what you originally set out to do in any case.

Ideas are just a multiplier of execution

Derek Sivers

It is far more important that you can execute well than come up with a good idea. See the multiplier formula.

I regularly come across people saying they are are going to build the “Uber of this” or the “Alibaba of that”. These may well be good ideas but not worth much without good execution.

Here are some of the current ideas I have come across that I think could work (worth almost nothing without execution):

  • Insurance comparison for consumers (using neural networks / machine learning / artificial intelligence)
  • Online platform for Certified Financial Planners to manage their clients
  • Smart insurance platform (premiums based on the real risk)
  • Asset booking management platform (to manage the hiring of any asset / resource e.g. school lockers)
  • Integrated travel booking / reservation system for lodges / travel establishments
  • On demand storage (aka the Airbnb for your stuff. I came across this article)
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